Learn How You Can Beat The Winter Blues With These Five Simple Tips

This is the time of year when boredom sets in and the winter blues hits many people hard.  The days are short and gray and you may be feeling that winter will never end.  The winter blues can make anyone feel cruddy and can affect a two year old just as easily as it can a 102 year old.  The good news is that there is only about six more weeks of winter left and we are entering the home stretch!

Five Tips To Beating The Winter Blues

As adults there are clear signs of the winter blues.  We may feel depressed, out of sorts,  irritable, tired, or board.  So what do you do if you find yourself coming down a case of the blues?

Work On Your Resolutions.  Remember those things you promised yourself you would do this year?  Now is the perfect time to get started on them if you haven’t yet.   Keeping busy on your New Year’s Resolutions during the winter months will help time move faster and before you know it spring will be here.

Get Out Of The House.  I know how tempting, and easy it can be to stay indoors and “hibernate” during the winter.  After all who, besides maybe the kids, actually want to go outside in the cold and snow.  Especially when it is so nice inside where it is all warm and toasty.  Getting out of the house even for a few minutes each day will help you feel refreshed and energized.

Find A Project.  If your house is anything like mine; there is always something that can be worked on organized, or update.  I always try to do these projects during the cold months while I’m cooped up inside.  That way I don’t have to worry about getting it done when the weather is warm.  Need A little inspiration?  Check out Pinterest, there are plenty of ideas there to keep you crafty all winter long!

Take Your Vitamins.  A healthy, well balanced diet will naturally make you feel better.  Including a multi-vitamin into your daily routine is an easy way to give you and your immune system a boost.  Along with a multi-vitamin I personally take a Vitamin D everyday as it helps replace the vitamin D we naturally loose in the winter since the sun is often over cast on the already shorter days.

Bright Light Therapy.  Using bright light therapy to treat seasonal depression has been around for years.  That’s because it works.  Bright light therapy requires the use of special bulbs and lamps that will give off a very bright light that acts like artificial sun light.  This artificial sunlight tricks your body into thinking it’s getting additional sunlight than it is causing the body to adjust the amount of melatonin and serotonin it produces.

As I mentioned at the beginning of today’s post the winter blues can affect kids just like adults.  Check back on Wednesday to learn what you can do to help the little ones in your life when dealing with the effects of a long cold wintery season.

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