Welcome! I’m Tennille, the Mom In Chief of Two Kids And A Budget.

 Two Kids And A Budget was created to chronicle our journey from $28,748.72  in debt to debt freedom. It’s my hope to also give you a few suggestions that may work for your family along the way.

 To me being a debt free family means living intentionally. It means living on a budget and sticking to it. Being decisive with our finances and living frugally so that when it comes time to do the special things like birthday parties, Christmas or a trip to the zoo we have funds available without added undue stress to the family or our finances.

 As a family we are committed to becoming debt free and staying that way. To build our savings so that one day we can help to send our son’s to college, and the someday further in the future retire comfortably and without worry. My husband and I have also committed to teach our sons the importance of spending and saving wisely. Our hope is that they will never have to waste wealth building years paying off debt.

 Our budget is reflective of our family values and the goal we have set to become a debt free family. We have discovered that in today’s two income, consumer driven culture that it is possible to live happily on a singe income.  That things like budgets, leftovers, and “second hand” isn’t a symbol of destitution but instead one of strength. As those things will help lead us out of debt slavery and into financial freedom!

Stay awhile, take a look around, and if you have any questions you can send me an email at Tennille{at}TwoKidsAndABudget{dot}com.